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I just can’t believe it’s been in a ponytail this whole time O-O;;


Artist: ちい | Pixiv Id: 43251629
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Fairy Tail x Tokyo Ghoul AU

Inspired by x

Lucy Heartfilia is a young vulnerable Ghoul who runs away from home to join Fairy Tail, a notorious Ghoul sanctuary whose members are famous for their overly destructive antics. She is invited into the Sanctuary by Natsu Dragneel, a Ghoul from Fairy Tail with a very fierce Kagune, who travels the land of Fiore in search of his foster parent, a Legendary Ghoul named Igneel who had disappeared seven years earlier.


ろぐ | 黒瀬いつか 
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***8/1 Happy Birthday Nagisa!!***

Japanese message is “o me de to u Nagisa!!” in the picture. It means “Happy birthday Nagisa!!”

by: sima mayu (島/眉)